Tesla - Ahead of Earnings

Tesla – Ahead of Earnings

Shares of Tesla (TSLA) are retesting the 38% retracement level of their November 2013 low and 2014 high. This Fibonacci range is significant because it is measured off the 50% retracement level of the 2013 range. Last week the stock…

Gold Stabilizing Above Key Support

Gold Stabilizing Above Key Support

At the end of January this year, the spot gold price broke out of an inverse head and shoulders pattern, jumping about 8% before peaking in March. Since then, it has returned to test the pattern neckline and on Friday…

AMZN at Support

AMZN at Support

In a version of the LinkedIn (LNKD) attempt to hold support, shares of Apple (AAPL) are hanging onto a key level of their own. It can be seen on the weekly chart as an area defined by an uptrend line…

NextEra Energy (NEE) "Yieldco" Blow-Off Top

NextEra Energy (NEE) “Yieldco” Blow-Off Top

Shares of electric utility NextEra Energy (NEE) popped on Wednesday after a positive earnings report and the announcement that it planned to separate the renewable energy side of its business in a “yieldco” filing. Here is an article from MarketWatch…

Distribution Motivating this Market?

Distribution Motivating this Market?

The well-choreographed and broad based reversal on Monday came at a point in time and price when the major indices were testing key moving averages and a number of high profile stocks were at or near important levels of support….

CTB - Squeeze Play Breakout

CTB – Squeeze Play Breakout

One of the definitions of a stock that is being “squeezed” is when Bollinger Band range, which measures standard deviation around a simple moving average, falls within the Keltner Channel, which is a measure of average true range around an…

NAZ - Volume Today?

NAZ – Volume Today?

NAZ futures are higher on the Facebook (FB) and Apple (AAPL) reports and should further the advance in the index. Volume, however, has not complimented the seven day rally. The graph at the bottom of the chart shows the percent…

UPS - Squeeze Breakout

UPS – Squeeze Breakout

Shares of United Parcel Service (UPS) have been squeezed within a narrow Bollinger band range for nearly two months, and today look like they are breaking out to the upside. The price momentum indicators and on balance volume are moving…

APPL - Trading Inside the Lines

APPL – Trading Inside the Lines

Apple (AAPL) has been trading within a series of Fibonacci retracement lines for over a year. The 2012/2013 decline in the stock price ended in the area of a 50% retracement of the 2009 low and 2012 high, and the…

Broad Market Overview

Broad Market Overview

A good way to get started here on the site is to present a baseline overview of the broader market using multiple timeframes. The monthly chart of the S&P 500 index shows a series of cycle highs and cycle lows….