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Dammit, Carl!

The talk on CNBC is that the proximate cause of today’s intra-day reversal was the result of comments made by Carl Icahn this afternoon on their network. Let’s go to the charts…. Ok, no argument from me. Tomorrow may be a good time for some positive push-back by a Federal Reserve Governor.

Facebook – Multiple Timeframe Dojis

Facebook (FB) gapped higher on the open Thursday and continued higher for the first 30 minutes of the session. Then it formed a gravestone doji star and came off its high, spending the rest of the session moving sideways. A gravestone doji is a candle that has a high upper wick and narrow opening and… Read More »

The Witching Hour for the SPY

The market action this week was subdued, but there were some volatile intraday moves and those moves were all initiated in the 2:00 o’clock hour. The 10 minute chart of the S&P SPDR (SPY) illustrates this, including today’s sharp decline into the last two hours of trading today.

Shake Shack All Shook-Up

Shares of Shake Shack (SHAK) have been shaken up pretty good so far this month. The 60 minute chart shows large percentage moves over one and two day periods that would test the internal fortitude of the most committed investor, or the skills of the most nimble trader. The generalized result of all this movement… Read More »