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Silver: More Precious Than Gold Right Now

Tom McClellan, formulator of the McClellan Oscillaotr and McClellan Summation Index, and publisher of, posted this on Twitter today: “Here is an extremely simple but useful indicator, which I featured last week in my Daily Edition. It says gold prices are making a meaningful bottom.” The technical picture on the gold chart is improving… Read More »

Bob Lang’s FANG Call Was “Off the Charts”

Cramer’s charts show FANG stocks can stabilize amid market volatility from CNBC. On the “Off the Charts” segment of Tuesday’s Mad Money show, Bob Lang of defended the Four Horsemen stocks that go by the FANG acronym he coined and Jim Cramer made famous. Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX), and Alphabet (GOOGL) were… Read More »

BlackBerry Chart – Classic Bullish Price Action

The daily chart of BlackBerry (BB) is a good example of positive technical price action. Shares are currently consolidating under resistance in the $12.60 area, which is being reinforced by the 50 day moving average. But all indications are the stock will break above this resistance and continue higher. Let’s take a look at the… Read More »

Possible Triple Bottom On The Caterpillar Chart

Just last week it looked like Caterpillar (CAT) had broken above the rim line of a bullish cup and handle pattern. The pattern projected an upside price objective that targeted a new all-time high. It was a very strong looking chart and all the technical indicators were tracking higher. The MacD momentum indicator had made… Read More »

Apple Chart – Watch For Another Doji Cluster

Tweeted this out earlier today: On January-23, just before Apple shares began their 12% decline, we saw this pattern on the daily chart and warned of the potential for a deep pullback. Apple is back in the $180 area, watch out for dojis. So, the sell-off on Wednesday contributed to the formation of another high… Read More »

The Perfect Bitcoin Strategy

How do you aribitrage Bicoin? Good question. Check out the answer by Stefan Qin, Virgil Capital founder, on CNBC’s “Fast Money” program. One hedge fund manager has found a way to make money on bitcoin, whether it goes up or down from CNBC.