Santelli/Moreno 10 Year Fib Retracements

By | May 23, 2014

Rick Santelli on CNBC earlier looking at the same thing that I have been highlighting for several weeks now, the potential Fibonacci retracement levels on the 10 year treasury yield chart. He retraces from a base of 1.63 and I use the 1.43 level, the latter being the 2012 low, but together a target zone between 2.22 and 2.16 is defined by the 50% retracement levels. Rick considers the 50% retracement level the level to watch if there is a big move in bonds.
I think 2.40 is going to be substantial support going forward, because the small congestion pattern that was recently broken projects to that level, which, of course, is also my 38% retracement level, but we will see how yield regress.

23. 10 year chart RVT

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