Back from Vacation

By | June 28, 2014

I often talk about trading perspective and context. It is important to look at the larger message of the indices and individual charts on multiple timeframes, but there is another kind of context.
I took some time off this week to spend with family at the Delaware shore. There was soccer instead of CNBC, hot dogs and hamburgers replaced my usual diet of charts and indicators, and I was focused on my grandchildren at the beach instead of a computer screen.
Whether you’re trading well or in a slump, regular periods away from trading are important to staying fresh and for putting it all in perspective.

For now it’s back to work, and while the broader market indices finished about where they opened the week, there is still a lot to review. Coming up this weekend will be a look at some monthly charts and how they played out into the end of the quarter, some actionable trades we mentioned here on the site and on the June 19th webinar hosted by Bob Lang of
Lots to do and lots to remember.

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