Caption Contest for “The Most Interesting Dog in the “World”

By | July 19, 2014


I’ll collect them from either the comments section or off my Twitter account, and post them here. Send ’em in and the winner, determined by me, gets to buy the timeshare in Orlando I can’t unload, no really the winner gets a gift certificate to Taco Bell (first please read this warning from The Onion).
Here’s one to start:
1. “I don’t always chase cars, but when I do they’re Bentleys”

2. His owner gets his pipe and slippers for him. (Justin)
3. The words “fetch” or “roll over” are not is his vocabulary. (Phoebe)
4. Everybody wants to be his best friend. (Ellen)
5. It’s OK for him to like stupid cat pictures on the internet. (Peter)

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