RightView Trading Calling A Top On “Off The Charts”

By | October 8, 2019

RightView Trading was featured once again, on the “Off The Charts” segment of Mad Money tonight. Jim Cramer and his team always do a fantastic job of bringing the two dimensional pictographs to life. We greatly appreciate their work.

Tonight’s piece was a follow-up to a February segment where we examined the broader market averages. At that time we expected continued strength and the market obliged. Now, unfortunately, the charts are telling a different story.

The current technical picture is ominous and we could see a quick 10% decline from current levels. If that turns out to be the case (and the charts are not written in stone) we would hope that the monthly support line we highlighted holds. Then we could see a sharp rebound. But one step at a time, here is Jim’s presentation of our charts and a link to the CNBC recap:

…and the recap:


Thanks again, Jim.

5 thoughts on “RightView Trading Calling A Top On “Off The Charts”

  1. B Teely

    Considering the high volume plug to your website, it’s surprising how little there is here and how hard it is to find anything. I cannot even find the chart/analysis Cramer mentions here. A search button for different analysis topics would be nice (e.g. gold, recession, etc).

  2. Timmy LeDoux

    The market has gone up since Jim’s piece on a 10% sell off??? will it go down from here into November?


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