Five Stocks Making Bullish Morningstar Reversal Patterns

By | January 29, 2021

One of the most watched for candlestick formations is the morningstar pattern. It is a three-day series of candlesticks that suggest the end of a down trend and a reversal to the upside. The first component of the pattern is a large dark down-day candle with the close near the low of the day. It is followed by a doji-like candle. A doji is a candle with a very narrow opening and closing range, meaning that the close is at the same level as the open. The morningstar is completed by a large up-day candle with the close near the high of the session.

The implication of the three-day pattern is represented visually by the price action. It is simple: bearishness, followed by indecision in the doji, and finally bullishness. A clear visual of the transition in investor sentiment.

Friday’s open looks a little weak so remember all technical patterns require confirmation and a close below the doji low negates the bullishness of the pattern. That said, here are five morningstar set-ups:

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